Covid Caused by Climate Change

Cow Social Distancing

Scientists in the Democratic Party have followed the science and discovered a new fact. They have found the source of Covid (drumroll …) climate change. It didn’t take much additional effort 98% of scientists agree everything is caused by climate change. According to this fact a Chinese virology lab does not bare any responsibility for the origin of Covid. However, since the Chinese have not reduced their carbon emissions, it is not surprising that the country had the first Covid cases. Due to Climate change The Bats went bat stool crazy and left the caves. They had a plan to peacefully protest emissions at the Wuhan Market and infected someone by mistake. Once again proving it is not China’s fault but instead it is climate change‘s fault. If you disagree with anything above you must be anti-science.

India is another country which has not responded to demands that they reduce carbon emissions. They have a number of Covid deaths in excess of 4.75 million. Speaking of crazy, in Sweden, Greta Thunberg organized a school climate strike movement under the name Fridays for Future. American teachers have taken up the cause lately. If students take Fridays off, teachers might as well do the same and support climate strikes. Less burn-out – less climate change. Win – win.

Also note, Countries that are industrialized have higher Covid rates due to the carbon emissions which are higher than third world countries. Lockdowns are only being instituted in Europe, Australia, China, the United States and other industrialized countries.

The next virus to jump to humans will probably come from Cattle or Bovinae. We can call it Bovid and they can blame the cows. Liberals have been wanting to get rid of them because they fart too much. Expect more chicken mandates.

DogFacePonia is not highly industrialized so we have had fewer Covid deaths. That tends to support this scientific theory or should we say fact. It is a known fact that Democrats like to call things facts instead of theories because you are not allowed to argue facts.

Image From: “Farm Life” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Slideshow Bruce