Killery and The Corrupt Courts

Hillery Clinton with an evil smile

The Jury found Michael Sussman not guilty of lying to the FBI. The Jury came to the verdict after the recent discovery of the bodies of Clinton Associates Ashley Haynes and Mark Middleton. Surely this discovery had no impact on the jury. In the same way Maxine Waters declaring rioters should “Stay in the Streets and get more confrontational” was not a problem in the Derek Chauvin case. It is ok to bully judges or jury member even the Supreme Court of the land.

After Clintons former campaign manager literally said Hilary instructed them to turn over the information, how do you come to a not guilty verdict. It seems they had “Reasonable Doubts”. Below are a few things they said to our deep cover agents.

Here are the reasons each the 12 Jurors gave for the Non-Guilty Verdict

  1. hmmm…Which bathroom should I use today?
  2. Clinton Disease has a much higher death rate than Covid. I don’t want to die in a plane crash.
  3. Jeffery Epstein and John McAfee killed themselves
  4. I don’t want to have a weightlifting accident
  5. The Russian Dossier was real and I am glad it exposed Trump’s Corruption.
  6. I don’t want to commit suicide by shooting myself in the chest
  7. Donald Trump doesn’t kill people who don’t vote for him.
  8. There was no widespread voter fraud
  9. Biden got the most votes in Us History
  10. Baby Formula is Delicious
  11. Inflation is all Putin and Trumps Fault
  12. I don’t like being on lists

There was a reasonable doubt that they could be eliminated if they voted to convict. It turns out they know too much and could be eliminated anyways. We at DogFacePonia can see this DC Court had a totally balanced unbias jury. It was filled with sheep that watch CNN and people who didn’t feel like getting murdered.

As we now know, they all totally used the law and science to come to the verdict. CNN will tell you that this is over and these were just Trumped up charges all along. Coverage will return to regularly scheduled Ukraine stories with a mix of Gun Confiscation and Baby murdering rights. We already knew the Russian Dossier was fake and now we know that Clinton instructed it to be turned over. Still nobody seems to care.

That said, Durham and Mook might need some more body guards. Then again the Clintons have a habit of infecting bodyguards.

Image From: “Hillary Clinton” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by AlexanderJonesi