More Dangerous than an AR-15

Deer with Danger written over it

Joe Biden and the Government are always talking about gun bans basically without any reason for doing so. We decided to come up with a list of things more dangerous than AR-15s.

Bambi – in 1942 Disney came out with Bambi. The public as a result of Bambi’s mother’s death turned against hunting deer. Most of the deer predators (like wolves) have been eliminated. Deer are now overpopulated and dangerous. In fact, Deer are the most dangerous Animals in America. Around 200 people die in car accidents a year because of deer, thanks to Bambi (and Disney). The good news is that AR-15s can help with this problem.

An Actor Wearing Viking Horns and a Bear Skin – We found out on January 6th that a terrible actor with a Viking Hat and Bear Skin could threaten the Nation! So much so that we had to impeach the President who only had like 14 days left.

AOC talking about Economics – AOC has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Economics. But every time she talks of Economics it is like a scene from Billy Madison. The Green New Deal would destroy our economy and not even help the environment. This is Dangerous.

A Smoking Wuhan bat – Smoking is Bad. Wuhan bats cause COVID-19 which is bad. You put this all together and you might get the truth about the Chinese Virology Lab. You would find out that it released the virus on all of us and this of course would be dangerous. We will not go into how much worse this could be if it was a menthol.

A Crow with a Water Pistol… This is just too dangerous to even talk about.

A “Peaceful” Protester – Peaceful Protesters are 93% peaceful and 7% only caused $500 Million in damages in Minneapolis alone. Imagine if they were only 50% peaceful the math alone is dangerous. Let’s not talk about Portland. AR-15s might help with this problem as well. It did land Kyle Rittenhouse in hot water.

Cuomo With the Press – Cuomo killed more people in nursing homes than in the history of AR-15s. The press loved him so much that they gave him an Emmy. Just keep him away from grandma, your wife, and your daughter for that matter.

Fauci with EmailFauci has been a scientist with the government for so long that when he started computers probably didn’t exist. Everything was going well until he got ahold of email, betrayed the country, destroyed the economy, and caused the death of millions.

Running out of toilet paper – This is so scary. Image not being able to wipe your bottom? What is this Venezuela? Fight people! Do whatever you can but don’t run out of TP.

Britney Spears – No I am not talking about her terrible music. She must be Dangerous they are keeping her prisoner for a reason. She did fight back and break free. Let’s hope that the majority of the country decides not to wait 13 years as slaves to the government. Then wake up and wonder how they have made millions but only have pennies to show for it.

MyPillows – If you sleep on a MyPillow it is probably talking to you in your sleep with “Pillow Talk” telling you to start an Insurrection. Or maybe not. Don’t believe everything they tell you on CNN’s Primetime line-up AKA the Twilight Zone.

Joe Biden without a Teleprompter – The teleprompter was broken so Biden just says whatever comes to mind … like nuking Americans. It makes you wonder what is going on in that brain of his. Is it time to talk about taking away the nuclear codes?

President Kamala Harris (Or Nancy Pelosi) – What is more dangerous than President Joe Biden? President Kamala. I wonder if he selected her as Impeachment Insurance.

Unfortunately, we here in DogFacePonia have come to understand crazy. We even believe that if Trump said he was going to get a new powerful hairstyle like a “Mullet”. Kamala would do her best to get one first. Maybe that is not so crazy after all. We think a laughing hyena with a Mullet sounds pretty funny but Extremely Dangerous way more than an AR-15.

Image From: “Bambi” (CC BY 2.0) by Wildreturn