Nothing to see on Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Move Along

There is nothing to see on Hunter Biden’s Laptop (according to the Main Stream Media). Move Along. In Fact there is so little to see Twitter and Facebook are helping out by blocking it. Nothing of Galactic Importance like Ukraine. Joe Biden didn’t send emails to his buddies in Ukraine or meet them or anything. This is all an evil Trump Plot. No Sex Tapes of Hunter Biden and strange Women (we all hope those never come out). I wonder what the CNN would be doing if 10 % of this much information come out about someone with the last name Trump. Hunter “Jar Jar” Biden really is a bumbling crack addicted disaster for Joe right now.

Much like R2-D2 was the droid they were looking for. This laptop is probably what Trump was looking for. We all cheered for R2 in A New Hope. The Media is surely cheering for Joe and will do any Jedi mind tricks they can on you to get Biden elected. They will try to convince you that Trump is Darth Vader if they can.

Just remember according to CNN Ukraine is only important when it comes to Impeaching Trump and when it comes to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden it doesn’t matter(at least until after the Election).

After the Election, Nancy Pelosi is considering impeaching Biden using the exact same case they did on Trump. That way Kamala can take over or if she plays her cards right like Sheev Palpatine maybe Nancy can become President (Emperor). I think she is working hard on setting up the 25th Amendment to get it right.

Some might say we have used this line before. We admit it but it is still true. By the way has anyone heard about Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell recently, me either I wonder why?

In case you missed the story because of Twitter/Facebook block here it is

Original Image From: “Remembering Star Wars, 2019 #lookback” (CC BY 2.0) by smaedli