White Flight from Martha’s Vineyard

Obama Marthas Vineyard Sign

Martha’s Vineyard long a stronghold of (liberal) white privilege (white supremacy) is beginning to see white flight. When the Obamas moved in, there was only a trickle. He was surrounded by 30 acres after all. Now that DeSantis has sent flights of migrants to the island there has begun a white flight thus maximizing the use of these planes. There is no information as to where they are flying.

Martha’s vineyard has no low income housing so they have kept invaders at bay. Now that Florida, and Texas will probably be sending more migrants there is no place to hide from expected tent cities. There are no low income jobs either except during summer months and those are reserved for whites or rich liberals only. 

It is believed that Massachusetts is planning to emulate the Illinois Safe-T law. Their legislature likes the idea of a law preventing the police from removing trespassers. This would help the migrants set up shop in houses without fear of police. Imagine the owners returning to squatters in their mansions and police saying tough luck whitey.

Get out while the getting is good! The early sellers expect to get more bang for their buck before the whole place is up for sale. Where will they go? DogFaceponia, Pelosi’s gated community, Hyde Park in Chicago if they gated the neighborhood.

The situation appeared dire but the National Guard saved the day. They rounded up the invaders and deported them back to the mainland. This again followed the Illinois example. Lori Lightfoot deported migrants from Chicago to the Republican suburbs.

If only they had a plan to fix the problem at it’s source?

Image From: “Martha’s Vineyard” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by AndrewDallos