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Hydroxychloroquine Proven to Cure Cancer in Ponies

Hydroxychloroquine the much-maligned wonder drug has been shown to cure cancer in ponies. DogfacePonia’s many Ponies, some lying some not, have touted this as a breakthrough in pony science. Some, however, are skeptical of the results and even though it could save money for ponies it needs more research.

Donald Trump also touted this as a potential treatment for COVID-19. (Of Course, if Donald Trump said it then it must be false even if there is plenty of research behind it. (Donald Trump also advised using Masks) Many in the media are advising against HCQ’s use.

Clearly this drug, that has been used for 80 years all around the world to fight arthritis and malaria and other ailments must be unsafe.  It is simply too cheap to make(no drug company can get rich), and we know that if it is cheap it is no good. That is why American health care system is so great, because it is so expensive. A Vaccine is way better because it is more expensive.

Hydroxychloroquine is clearly not working as Malaria is a raging pandemic for basically all of human history(400,00 death per year in recent statitistics). Nobody seems to care because it is mostly Africa.  Maybe we can ban its use for Malaria? What could go wrong?

Making Science political is of course the best way to go rather than choose based on scientific evidence.

As for ponies with Cancer and people with COVID-19, I for one recommend telling the doctor you have Malaria.

Note: Nobody at DogFacePonia is a Doctor.

Image From: “Breakthrough Green Road Sign” (CC BY 2.0) by Wonder woman0731