Corona Beer Found to Work as Inoculation for Corona Virus

Scientists while working as fast as possible to create a vaccine for corona virus, discovered that Corona Beer can work as a vaccine for Corona virus. As we all know, Corona Beer contains the Corona Virus (because of course the name matches and that means it must be so). Sales have been dropping for Corona Beer as fear sets in but little did people know it could function as a vaccine.

A top scientist we interviewed recommended “All that needs to be done is to lock yourself in the home for 24 consecutive days, drink one corona beer and you will be safe from the virus”. Tests have shown 0 infections in the subjects that followed this regimen. Tests were preformed with Corona Extra but additional tests are needed to confirm other varieties of Corona will also protect against the virus.

It is recommended that you drink as much Corona as possible to help you “find your beach” so you can enjoy the time you spend locked in quarantine. Some have reported that Corona beer is the only beer that can be purchased in their local store. This as all other beer has sold out as people stockpile “Needed” supplies but still refuse to buy Corona Beer because of its name.

Image From : “Corona” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by 70023venus2009