Corona Beer Maker to introduce Influenza Beer

Corona 6 Pack of Beer

Constellation Brands (STZ), Which makes Corona Beer has announced they will be making a new beer called influenza beer or flu for short. A Marketing Rep for Constellation said “We are looking to corner the market on viral beer.”

Sales of Corona Beer has been dropping in recent months for some unknown reason. When asked about this development. Constellation said this is why they decided to branch out to other Viruses. According to Representatives at Constellation way more people have been infected with Flu than Corona so we figure to have a much larger market. Influenza Beer will be a Pale Ale and Corona is a Pale Lager because people get rather pale when infected for long periods.

When we asked President Trump about Corona Beer he said “It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear,” Trump’s miracle doesn’t seem to be happening as Constellation doubles down on Viral Beers.

Constellation Brands’ stock dropped 8% on Thursday. Fear grows about the spread of corona-virus and these 2 facts are entirely unrelated.

Image From: / CC BY-SA