10 ways to SOCIALism Distance

We here in Dogfaceponia want to encourage everyone to social distance for your health. But more importantly we want to help you to SOCIALism Distance. As Socialism is a potentially fatal disease. Here are 10 ways we came up with to keep socialists and Socialism at a distance.

  1. Go to Church – No Socialists there. These days it is a right we have to fight for.
  2. Don’t wear a mask – it might get you arrested but probably keep some people away
  3. Be Anti-Social
  4. Join the NRA
  5. Wear your MAGA hat everywhere – Nothing gets a Socialist going quite like an American flag and a MAGA hat.
  6. Discuss your 2nd amendment rights
  7. Say “All Lives Matter” to people – To liberals only specific groups matter and you don’t if you don’t fit into a special group.
  8. Discuss your fondness for the Police – They keep us all safe and risk their lives everyday. Liberals hate this of course.
  9. Talk about Fiscal Responsibility – Oh no the idea of cutting programs!
  10. Use the word Freedom as frequently as possible – They hate freedom with a passion.

Image From: “Gold top 10 winner” (CC BY 2.0) by sam_churchill