Congressional Liquor Store

Capital Happy Hour

Coming Soon The Congressional Liquor store. So much booze even Nancy is proud.

  • Working late nights?
  • Trying to get through that 30,000 page bill before 24 hours are up?
  • Annoyed with all the Dog Faced Ponies harassing you in the halls?
  • Just disgusted with your Congressional workers?

Order up some Stolichnaya, Vodka or just some good ol’ American lager from the local Congressional Liquor Store. Even get Beer airlifted from Germany along with Baby Formula. It will be delivered right to your office and you can mix it with whatever you have in your bookcase liquor cabinet. AOC will provide tips in mixing the drinks!

Warning this may cause the hallways to close in, and paranoia. It may also encourage voting on bills without giving a care what voters want. It could allso cause a DUI for you or your spouse (just like Paul Pelosi).

This is all brought to you by the American Taxpayer and the Baby Formula Bill. That’s right – most of Congress is a bunch of babies. This “Formula” will calm them down so they give oversight approval to the spending in the baby formula bill. This money is just for expenses as the bill designated.

We at DogFacePonia have long thought much of Congress is drunk on power. This just settles it.

Image From: “District Repeal Day, March 1, 1934” (CC BY 2.0) by Mike Licht,