Happy Ain’t Black History Month

Young Clarence Thomas picture

So, February is Black History Month and we use it in America to celebrate The history and achievement of people in America History of African (or other black) descent. On its surface this is a great idea, a cause to celebrate. We at DogfacePonia love to celebrate. Lets get our grill out (if it is not frozen) and celebrate but let’s change things up a bit.

You see, like anything good, the left likes to corrupt and ruin it for their own ends. Thus, is the way with Black History Month. It is now Blacks “who voted for Joe Biden” Month or at least those who would have. As we all know Joe Said “You Ain’t Black” if you do not vote for him. This probably includes Blacks who did not bother to come back from the dead to vote Biden, but we have not confirmed.  With the rampant cancel culture don’t get out of line or your history will be removed from this month (or really all together).

In 2021 Tom Brady was called a Racist for winning the Superbowl in the wrong month. Even though it would be really hard right now to win it in another month. The last time it was played in January was in 2003. But the Left would like Brady and anyone else to just take the month off.

President’s Day is in February, and we celebrate Lincoln and Washington. Both are not black and now much maligned by the cancel culture. The culture is now looking to go back in time and cancel people in the past who didn’t understand modern times. Even if they you know fought the civil war to free black slaves.

So, we want to celebrate something new we will call it “Aint Black” History Month. This is for all the great true Black Americans the Liberals want to cancel for one reason or another.

Looking into history let us celebrate a few little-known things.

  • The First 3 Black Senators Hiram Revels, Blanche K. Bruce, Edward Brooke Wait, you haven’t heard of them? Why? They were all Republicans.
  • Republican President Eisenhower also forced the desegregation of the schools
  • 80% of Republicans voted for civil right act of 1964
  • No Republican controlled State ever passed a Jim Crow Law

Let us look at some great leaders now

  • Clarence Thomas – Thomas, the second African American on the Supreme Court, clearly aint black and does not fit into the Biden Racial jungle. He was long called Uncle Tom by the left as he was quiet and cool. The Left simply ignores him now.
  • Tim Scott – Black Senator from South Carolina  
  • Ben Carson – Former Head of HUD and Neurosurgeon who came from nothing.

This list surely goes on. Not to mention the 12% of Black Americans that voted for Donald Trump.

Joe Biden and Democrats will seek to cancel them all as they did not vote for him. They want to have control of who is allowed to have blackness and who can be celebrated. This may not be slavery, but it doesn’t sound like freedom.

Image From: “Clarence Thomas Real” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by A.Currell