OANN is a New Trigger Word

Liberals on CNN describe OANN

  • OANN is a dumpster-fire.
  • OANN is QAnon news pretending to be a news org.
  • OANN is a bastard child of Brietbart and an WWG1WGA idiot.
  • Trumps favorite news source!
  • News for Right Wing Morons who don’t know anything.

It seems that OANN is a formerly un recognized trigger word. Here at Dogfaceponia we are pretty sure this is better than any qualifications we can find for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The Washington Post.

Frequently, I am reminded that if CNN says it, the opposite must be true, but the above actually seems ok to me. OANN should take it as an endorsement.

You can never feel you are doing something right until you get someone angry(or triggered). OANN sounds like great news to me almost as good as https://DogFacePonia.com