Time to Tear Down The Great (Border) Wall of China

Opinion – Let’s start with some Liberal Logic. Walls are bad. We know that a border wall is bad, the media has told us. The Great Wall of China is the oldest greatest border wall and must go.

This monument to racism was build in ancient China to keep a race they didn’t like, the Mongols, out. Genghis Khan and the other Mongols were just peaceful protesters ahead of their time (looting and pillaging where ever they went).

China is an enlightened socialist nation and would totally understand tearing down this racist structure. We know it will take a long time and they will need help. I propose we take up a collection to send all our peaceful protesters(Antifa and BLM) to China to help destroy this hateful structure.

I am sure they will like it there. We will miss them.

Image From : “Great Wall of China” (CC BY 2.0) by matt512

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