114% of Donald Trump Rallies Peaceful

We found out today that a study showed that 93% of BLM protests were peaceful. We are proud of them, it is way better than the 0% of Antifa Protests in Portland. So only 7% of the time someone’s business was destroyed; someone was killed or hurt. That’s not too bad, I mean that is what I call Peaceful Protests. It is possible to gather that many people and not have a few bad eggs right?

But if you really want to know peace just look to Donald Trump. A study showed recently that 100% of Trump Rallies are Peaceful, plus add the 7% that are the violent BLM riots that MAGA wearing non-violent Trumps supporters did not attend. Nobody has put MAGA graffiti on buildings, in fact they clean up after the 7% of BLM riots. So we add another 7% which brings us to the 114%.

Not only that but 100% of all Marches for Life in Washington DC which routinely have hundreds of thousands of people are non-violent. Nick Sandmann was faced down by people trying to make him violent but he was not. So it seems it is possible to have a protest without violence but first you must believe “All Lives Matter”

But 93% is good. Just like 98% of Americans have not been infected with COVID-19. Still that is not as good as 100% or 114% like Trump.

Image From : “Donald Trump Maga” (CC BY 2.0) by hayleygagnon

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