Arsonists in Oregon Confused to be Arrested

With wildfires raging on the west coast. Authorities have made several arrests for arson. The arsonists in Oregon are confused because police arrested them.

One arsonist said “I didn’t know setting fires was a crime? I have been doing it for months everyday in Portland and nobody seemed to care.”

“I saw a guy get set on fire in Portland nobody seemed to notice. Now all the sudden I set a tree on fire and people get mad.” said a cuffed arsonist being shoved into a squad car.

“Mayor Wheeler and DA Schmidt won’t be able to release them this time. They are going to prison for a long time” said the arresting officer.

One arsonist was seen crying after the arrest saying he was “93% peaceful”.

At Dogfaceponia we are confused too; we keep hearing it is Trump’s fault and is not related to peaceful protesters. 100 days of burning fires in Portland and arrests of arsonists clearly aren’t connected to wildfires right? It must be global warming.

Image From : “Wildfire” (Public Domain) by USFWS/Southeast