Biden vs. Bidet

In these dire times we need a solution to our great problems. Toilet Paper is running out, the stock market is crashing. Coronavirus fear is everywhere (even if the disease isn’t yet). Corona Beer is delicious. We need a savior so here at DogFacePonia we feel 2 options are left. With Bernie Sanders fading fast we feel, we are left with 2 solid choices.

Biden – Qualifications: He was Vice President. He personally ended Ebola Virus in West Africa (after the US did nothing for 6 month). He knows what a Lying Dog Face Pony Soldier is. He was Vice President under the greatest man to live, Barrack (Hussein) Obama. He has dementia and probably doesn’t remember any of this. He is considering voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary.

Bidet – Qualifications: A bidet is a bowl or receptacle designed to be sat on for the purpose of washing the human behind. Is only one letter different than Biden and it requires no toilet paper so you will be safe from the TPocalypse even if you die from COVID-19. Promises your bottom will be clean or your money back.

Image From : “bidet” (CC BY 2.0) by derek7272