Blackholes to be renamed Zedholes

Recently Astrophysicists, in light of the new discoveries on how Blackholes operate, seem to have come to a consensus.

That in light of the current U.S. and Worldwide movements, Blackhole is not a woke term for the spacial anomaly, but instead might use the British word for the letter Z, Zed.

(After all we would not want to be Anti-Science by using an insensitive name.)

Z being the last letter in the English alphabet and so far away from A. Zedholes are the furthest from our total understanding. Though this might cause some confusion elsewhere in the World, so other runner-up ideas for the rename are; Blank-hole, Void-hole, Bare-hole, Vacuous-hole (or Vac-hole), or my personal favorite Shallow-hole.

Though the break room here at Dogfaceponia is all-a-buzz full of under the table betting on a slew of potential word changes.

In an effort to be less offensive, the Scientific community as well as others are looking to rename nearly anything with the word black in it, and to be less privileged any words with ‘white’ in it.
The Black Swan both the bird and the maneuver is going to be renamed ‘Midnight Swan’. Blackmail will just now be a bribe and Blacklist will be ‘Snublist’.

Whiteboards will be Privilege-boards but White-Washing will remain since it connotates White privilege and the changing of things in their favor.

And speaking of white privilege, white bread is now privilege bread, on another note:
The fringe scientific seem to want to rename more than just the racist in the astronomical lexicon.
Going as far as renaming a Supernova the Bronxbuster or a Neutron Star the Harlem Squeeze.

We have also heard about some States and Cities being renamed.
In a concerted effort to be true to the wokeness of 2020.  We think that the Native Americans should be included in on this scourge of re-branding, naming Cities, States and Territories wholly after Local Tribes and Groups, it is only fair.

Image From: “blackhole” (CC BY 2.0) by adam.lofting