Pixel Perfect

Pixelated Smile

I remember when 4K resolution on my T.V. was life changing. It was like seeing the real World for the first time through the scope of a television lens. It was so real, that for me it broke the illusion of programming and woke me up to a better reality than the one we currently live in.

The DFP Dept. of Inter-Space and Dimensional Travel and Transportation, the DISDTT for short.  Is looking at the possibility of saving Hollywood by transporting people through the television screen to their favorite realities for a small fee. “Say good-by to V.R. helmets, say Hello to you” is the slogan.

Then 8K came about and my mind could almost touch the blades of grass on screen. Smell-o-vision isn’t that faraway, but if we transport you there, that won’t matter anyway.

Now a group of scientists from the Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Engineering, has outdone themselves by besting their own record by a factor of two with an electron microscope pixel array detector (EMPAD) that makes 3D reconstruction even more sophisticated.

The team is led by a David Muller and he said, “This doesn’t just set a new record, It’s reached a regime which is effectively going to be an ultimate limit for resolution.”

Well, the DFP DISDTT lost their minds at this news. Atomic level pixels, absolutely nuts but the resolution will be so real it’ll make Reality look fake!

DISDTT team of lawyers is on the case to gain the rights to utilize this advanced resolution. However, someone always has to be the party pooper and asked ‘With resolution so great, this atomic level resolution, the question is, has or is someone or something been watching us at such great resolution for years, or do they not have the right subscription package?

Well I would like to think my Reality is not a show for some omnipotent being of supra-natural origin. I mean where is the check? It isn’t in the mail, ’cause I haven’t gotten paid yet.

I suspect that we should strive to find the God Particle for the best resolution.

But until then, this AK Resolution (Atomic K), is going to blow all the #K’s right out of the medium if you get my drift.

So get your AK Resolution today! Because tomorrow, something better will come along and you will not have jumped on the band wagon for todays.

In other news, for some reason gun sales sky rocketed.

Image From: “Pixelated happiness” (CC BY 2.0) by AMagill