DogFacePonia Debate Predictions Debunked

Clown and Fortune Teller

The DogFacePonia predictions for the Presidential debate were totally off the mark. The drinking game got off to a slow start. Only one mention of convicted felon and limited mentions of Hunter’s laptop, abortion and January 6th were made. Biden did win that category though. It may be an inconvenient truth that we were off in our predictions. At least we are not all dead from Climate Change like Al Gore said we would be. Sometimes it is better that predictions are wrong.

The viewers only got drunk after downing a bottle of vodka when Charlottesville was brought up by Biden. He then doubled down on Charlottesville which even Snopes has debunked. Viewers had to down another bottle of vodka.

The Russian hoax was mentioned by Trump but he was never really interrupted by the moderators. Jake Tapper and Dana Bash were professional and avoided winning on any categories they were expected to win.

Democrats are panicked and trying to figure out how to unload senile Biden from the ticket.

DogFacePonia only picked Joe Biden as a winner in one category. DogFacePonia was a winner as members of our staff went to the circus, the comedy club or stayed home and watched Weekend at Bernie’s on cable. That’s like winning 3 Categories.

Image From: “Dubious duo! (Explored)” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by susie2778