Travel Destinations Where You’ll Have a Riot

As the economy opens up, people are looking into new travel experiences and destinations. We have a list of places not to miss.

Seattle – CHAZ/CHOP Home of the original Summer of Love. Go back in time and live like a peaceful protester. Tents and Porta-potties are provided for all to use.  Souvenirs are there for the looting.

Portland – Energizer Bunny Protests. Available for viewing daily.  If you are lucky, you may get a glimpse of jackbooted federal agents or gestapo. You can decorate public buildings. Free supplies.

Chicago – See Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Census Cowboy. Visit the newly redecorated Ronald McDonald House. Dodge bullets “Matrix style” on the south side. Buy a recently relocated statue.

Kenosha – Go to the fire sale of cars.  Many great values. Sales from midnight to 3AM nightly. Police vehicles are scarce but torched on request.

New York – Check out the rentals and the Black Lives Matter murals.  If you have money and move in, you get dinner with Governor Cuomo. Otherwise enjoy a 14 day quarantine on the state.

Wilmington, DE – Tour Biden’s basement if you give a good campaign donation. Biden signs available so you can enter the find a Biden Sign Contest.

Sturgis – Watch bikers and New York transplants who didn’t want to stay for dinner with Cuomo. No mask required.

So sign up to visit your favorite. What could go wrong?

Image from: “Titanic-poster, First sailing from New Y” (Public Domain) by Halloween HJB