Portland Peaceful Protests Enter Energizer Bunny Phase

With Portland Riots passing the 100 day mark, the Protests have reached a new phase, the Energizer Bunny phase. Much has been done to try to stop peaceful protests from re-educating the mayor to sending in the border patrol to confuse them. Nothing seems to work. They just keep going and going.

Probably the immunity they seem to have from COVID-19 and prosecution of any kind, has helped them. District attorneys like Kim Foxx of Chicago keep releasing the rioters and so the riots can just keep going and going.

Every time a police gun is discharged or a Liberal is triggered, a new reason to Riot arises. You would think that running out of the extra unemployment money would have slowed them but it just keeps going and going.

A lesser Duracell riot may have run out by now but we think they will just keep going until they are stopped, something the police and the city of Portland now seem unwilling to do. Maybe we should get Hell Angels to go to Portland and remove the battery.

Image From :”Energizer Bunny” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by The Accent