Portland Mayor Wheeler Supports Peaceful Protesters

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler  has been teargassed while showing support for peaceful protesters. The failure of the peaceful protesters to convince the federal agents to leave the area of the Federal courthouse has led Mayor Wheeler to take action to further support the peaceful protesters. He has asked peaceful protesters to peacefully graffiti his residence. He later encouraged them to peacefully loot his house.  When that was not enough, he asked them to peacefully fire bomb his residence, which burned to the ground when 911 did not respond.

Governor Brown was impressed with the Mayor’s support of peaceful protesters and agreed to have state troopers and other local law enforcement work as security outside of the U.S. courthouse in Portland, replacing the federal agents.

What can the Mayor do to continue to support peaceful protesters if this doesn’t work? He has drawn the line at having his eyes lazored or being hit in the head with a brick.

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