Science shows Police Protesters are immune to Covid-19

Spikes of Covid-19 have been seen in several states in the United States in recent weeks after it was decreasing for most of April and May. People have gotten the virus from attending Memorial day BBQs, enjoying the beach and not wearing facemasks (for anything).

However, according to an NBC reports nobody has ever gotten the virus from attending a BLM, a Police Protest rally or while tearing down a confederate monument. Even though thousands of people attended such rallies in recent weeks, there is zero link to it. The virus has simply decided not to attend these rallies and riots. Science has clearly shown these rallies with thousands of people are not the reason for rising COVID-19 numbers in the US in 38 states.

Other rallies such as open America rallies have not been given the same immunity. The leader of one such rally in Maryland Contracted the virus.

It seems the virus must be a Right-wing conservative that only chooses to attend rightwing rallies. We must do more research, but COIVD-19 may be racist.

In other news a town in Oregon made facemasks mandatory for whites only because the Virus won’t attend BLM rally.

Image From: “DSC02963” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by BAMCorp