Biden Sniffing out Covid

Creepy Uncle Joe also called the “sniffer” is so called because there are documented instances of questionable behavior to women and even children.  One prolific behavior being pointed to is sniffing and no I don’t mean drugs.  “He seemed habitually drawn to deep whiffs of women’s hair” said James Lilek in One for the Sniffer.

Biden’s staff points out that Covid often causes people to lose the sense of smell. Because of his age Joe is very concerned about getting the virus and continually checks his sense of smell by sniffing woman’s hair and neck. Clearly, he was aware of the symptoms well ahead of Doctors seeking to define Corona.

By remaining in his basement, he can sniff in privacy without risk of getting the disease as everyone who meets with him has been tested. This totally debunks both that his sniffing is inappropriate and that Joe is hiding in the basement to avoid the press.

Joe Biden has demanded that any vaccine be tested by using sniffing. Biden has privately mentioned that he doesn’t like facemasks because it impacts his sniffing. He also says Black Face masks are the best (fill in reasons here)