The Find a Biden Sign Competition

There is a new competition created by the Biden Campaign.  The Find a Biden Sign competition is getting underway.  People are out all over the United States looking for Biden signs to no avail.

A list of prizes is provided:

  1. One week in a Scranton basement
  2. Getting your children sniffed by Biden
  3. Nancy Pelosi and Colin Kaepernick kneeling in your yard
  4. A Hydroxycloroquine prescription
  5. An autographed version of Mary Trump’s book
  6. An autographed MAGA hat
  7. 2 cans of TaB (TaB is as rare as Biden signs)

Unawarded prizes will be auctioned to support people forced by economic difficulties and the virus to live in their basement.

The search for one who will receive is joy greater than giving says Kahlil Gibran in The Prophet. The Biden Campaign is using another competition to find people who will receive a Biden sign and put it in their yard.  But as an additional incentive to the joy of having a sign, everyone who accepts and posts a sign gets an additional ballot mailed to them.  More signs equals more ballots and will get you an entry in the Find a Biden Sign competition as well (assuming your sign is found).