Chop/Chaz Invaded

Mark Twain said It is not difficult to be funny. One need only tell the truth. Chaz lives up to its press.

Chaz seceded from the United States on June 8, 2020. Chaz/Chop was recognized by the United Nations according to NPR. A stellar group of notable nations reportedly recognizing Chaz include China, Iran and North Korea. Tucker Carlson of Fox News gave sympathetic coverage ot Chaz.  He was amazingly able to report on Chaz with his tongue in his cheek; not an easy feat. His ratings soared, according to Forbes.

Chaz had food trucks, tacos, porta-potties, AK-47’s and extensive displays of art. Housing resembled Los Angeles outdoor condos (homeless enclaves).  With free food, housing and no police, immigrants flocked to Chaz. Border guards tried to stem the flow.

So many United States issues were adopted by Chaz.  A border, a border wall, Open carry guns and segregated community gardens (inspired by Michael Bloomberg) were established. Like Bloomberg they believed that anyone could farm.  This little nation sadly never became a self-sustaining agrarian nation.  Oops, now I got my tongue stuck in my cheek.

The time has come sadly for the tiny nation to go. The United States has invaded Chaz today and annexed the secessionist nation.  The citizens were brutally suppressed. (I’m not sure how, but it sounded good).  There was not enough time to commission statues so they will not have to be destroyed. Fort Chaz was merely a dream for the third police precinct so it won’t need to be renamed.

Chaz survivors are now thinking of creating an autonomous zone in DogFacePonia. What will Joe Biden say if they do this? Will he recognize any such new state? There is a clue as Joe calls a reporter a lying dog face in a press conference yesterday. He clearly is prejudiced against DogFacePonia.  You be the judge.

In an update since this time, Dogfaceponia has been invaded by its own group dubbed C.R.A.P.

Image From: “Welcome to CHAZ” (CC BY 2.0) by derek.simeone