Riots are Way More Fun When the Police Come

In Kenosha, a rioter said call the police after being shot at by a business owner legally protecting his business. Rioters have started to realize it is way more safe and fun to riot with the police around in case anyone is hurt. A Riot literally can’t be a riot without the police declaring it, before they do it is only looting. The Media is way more likely to publish pictures of clashes with the police so rioters can get on TV. When then Police show up the media can feel safe from the rioters and police as they broadcast.

“Protesting the police is way more fun when the police show up. Then we have someone to yell at and party with” said one Rioter. After all it is a Police Protest even a protest without the police.

“In Sturgis, we went out to protest, we called the police to get the proper permits for the first time. We wanted to be sure they were there so Hells Angels didn’t kick our hindquarters all the way back to Portland” said another.

As riots go on and on… Rioters just hope the police are there for them.

“Getting shot at by a business owners gets way less sympathy than being shot by the police” said a Kenosha rioter.

Image From: “47.MPDC.RiotPolice.NSM.NM.WDC.19apr08” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Elvert Barnes