Ronald McDonald House Reparations

Democrats support a commission or other means of determining what form reparations could take.  Biden said “while my administration takes major actions to address systemic racism, it will also study how reparations may be part of those efforts and ensure the voices of descendants are central when gathering data and information.” For this reason, I have selected a woman of color who is not a descendent of slaves so that she doesn’t have a conflict of interest. Harris co-sponsored a bill that would establish a commission to study reparations.

Unwilling to wait for the Democrats to win in November, Chicago peaceful protesters have come forward to assist in providing a means of reparations. U-Hauls and cargo vans were brought to the Magnificent Mile in Chicago to collect reparations from stores there. A peaceful protest organizer in Chicago is defending the collection of reparations. They are assured that insurance companies are on their side and will provide reimbursement for all the reparations.  A new line of insurance has been developed called Reparation Insurance which will be required of all white privilege stores.

Peaceful protesters came to Ronald McDonald House in Chicago seeking reparations on Monday morning.  They unfortunately were not advised that sick kids and their parents stayed there and most, if not all, were not identifiable as white or privileged. However, Ronald has a white clown face and makes him an easy target.

Vengeance may be coming, some fear Ronald and his friends might soon take some of the reparations back.

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Image From: “clowning around” (CC BY 2.0) by istolethetv