McDonalds Hires Colin Kaepernick

McDonald has been going through hard times during the Corona Virus. Store sales are down but they have hired Colin Kaepernick to organize a protest in support of the ailing company. McDonalds board members have spoken very highly of Colin Kaepernick as a marketing genius. One Board member said, “anyone who can turn an absolutely failing football career into millions in endorsement deals is exactly the kind of person who can help McDonald though hard times.

Colin Kaepernick is still working hard on how to really make McDonalds a winner again. The ideas have been leaking slowly. They also include a new face for Ronald McDonald doll which is Colin Kaepernick wearing police pig socks. Marketing them jointly will be a winner.

The First plan is to just build on what works. So, kneeling during the National anthem will only be part of the branding. A McDonalds cheeseburger eating competition will take place during the National Anthem while kneeling players will be expected to eat cheeseburgers in support of our beloved McDonalds. Some resistance is expected but with Colin Kaepernick on McDonalds side they know this will be the most glorious Protest ever.

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Image From: “Ronald McDonald” (Public Domain) by Midnight Believer