Kaepernick to Join Paw Patrol

There has been concern all the way up to the White House that Paw Patrol might be cancelled for positively portraying police. After much concern from children everywhere, A solution was found.

The Paw Patrol have reached a contract to add Colin Kaepernick. There is no job too big (defeating racism) and no pup too small. Kaepernick has the skills to kneel down to be on the level with the pups. Kaepernick had a desire to join a winning team and that is why he wanted to be on the Paw Patrol.

There was initially some concern that Ryder would be displaced as the leader of Paw Patrol. However, Kaepernick agreed to kneel during important moments and let Ryder be quarterback.

Chase the Police Dog is considering leaving the team as he is being protested despite constantly helping others and being a servant to the community. However it has been pointed out that this is how most police are treated today. There is no official word if he will remain.

Colin Kaepernick will continue to be a role model for kids. He is now representing Disney, Nike, McDonalds and the Paw Patrol. He might need to take a knee and slow down.

Image From: “Paw Patrol’s Chase – Macy’s Thanksgiving” (Public Domain) by paul.wasneski

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