Democrats use the Un-Scientific Method

Man Cliff Jumping

We here at DogFacePonia are not scientists. Many don’t even think we are journalists but we do our best. The Democrats often like to pretend they are the party of Science. Usually they point to Climate Change, Where they claim 97% of scientists agree. Which to begin with has been proven inaccurate at best. The Democratic Party AKA the party of made up statistics has more and more so called science to shove down your throat each day. The question as to what modern science is, might be an excellent starting place. Let’s start with something fundamental like The Scientific Method.

A method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses


It is often said that criticism is the backbone of the Scientific Method. Great scientists often critique other (often dead) scientist’s theories. They either go deeper, develop ideas futher or outright disprove existing theories. This is the nature of discovery. Einstein disproved Newton. Scientists disprove or show agreement with other scientists by running the same or new experiments. It is the nature of inquiry. Scientists are meant to be critiqued.

So what would be the opposite of this? Calling anyone who disagrees with you anti-science!! Maybe kicking people who support Trump off university boards and demanding we all agree. It is not only ok to challenge consensus but is necessary for advancement. Otherwise, we would all think the world was flat and we would fall off the edge of the world into a pit of monsters. No matter how much it feels like Biden is driving us off a cliff, it doesn’t mean the world is flat.

Some things however are facts not open to a lot of inquiry 1+1 is 2 (unless it is 1984) and there are Men and Women. These are facts people should know – everyone is born a man or a women. This is basic biology not really up for debate. Yet there is this notion of Gender which is not based on biology or any science (outside of Psychology). It is instead a social construct or psychological feeling. In the liberal world, you can be whatever you want. You can be a magic unicorn or dragon if you want. Whatever you identify as, you can be. I would suggest this is unprovable by any science and thus is a fantasy or phycological delusion. The only thing that can be proven is insanity.

I genuinely feel bad, deeply bad for those with a disorder of body dysmorphia. What a deep sickness to feel wrong in your own skin. These people need care and mental help. They do not need surgery, hormonal injections and legislation to play sports with the other sex. Imagine giving an anorexic person liposuction because they feel fat. Sounds like stupid not science.

Feelings drive a lot these days. A lot of unscientific Democrats killed a lot of people and businesses with their feeling one way or another on COVID-19. They felt putting COVID patients in nursing homes was a good idea. They felt like HCQ a 50 year old drug that has been proven safe was a bad idea. They feel like closing businesses, schools and forcing masks is a good idea. To Democrats It doesn’t matter what science says. You are not even allowed to debate or you will be shunned regardless of your credentials. The Main Stream Media will mock and attack you relentlessly. That is if they even allow you to be heard.

This sounds like China’s Great leap forward. If you feel this is the scientific method you might be a Democrat or Communist. Remember in Democracy like in science it is ok to question.

I feel so much cleaner now that I have been on my soap box.

Image From: “Jumping off the sand cliffs” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by AlexiUeltzen