DogFacePonia in Solidarity with Truckers

Truckers are going on strike. Some DogFacePony soldiers were asked to provide help in replacing them in the coming week. The DFP soldiers have refused (and frankly they are not great drivers). Instead they will be striking in solidarity with the truckers.

The truckers are first among Trump voters who have discovered their power.  No longer deplorable, the truckers have several objectives:

  • Police protection – They have suffered from Antifa and left-wing mob actions by peaceful protesters.
  • Fossil fuel – They are opposed to reducing fossil fuels and eliminating farting cows. (One Trucker told Biden to go Frack himself)
  • Election integrity – They demand audit and disclosure of election discrepancies which don’t exist.
  • Math integrity – They demand to know why 1 vote +1 vote = 2 votes for Trump but the same math for Biden = 4.

They are deplorable no more and they are able to do elementary math. Perhaps other deplorables and Math Geniuses will join in solidarity:

  • Farmers could stop providing food and farting cow meat to those in cities. What could be scarier than a peaceful march of farmers with bib overalls and pitch forks?
  • Border states could prevent illegal immigration in coordination with ICE Put the adults in cages not the children.
  • Chumps could go to church clinging to their bibles in defiance of edicts (Songs for sinners could be featured).
  • Deplorables could march in support of Trump. Black conservatives wearing MAGA hats could be a scary sight as well.
  • 1st Graders refusing to do math problems because election math doesn’t make sense. Example: If trump gets 2 votes in one district and 2 in another how many votes does trump get? 2 votes because 2 will be changed to Biden.

Most here at DogFacePonia don’t know how to drive a truck and are not great at math. Especially election math. But we do know something is Fracked Up about Biden’s plans.

Image From: Truck” (CC BY 2.0) by bildesheim