Dominion Threatens to Sue the Truth

Dominion Voting Systems has ramped up it’s plans to sue anyone telling the truth in their “red slime” lawsuit. Recently, they threatened Fox, Newsmax and OAN with lawsuits. At that point, Fox and Newsmax gave lame excuses to their lack of evidence.

There are only 5000 signed affidavits in Georgia which are punishable in Court but Fox says that is not proof.

Everyone knows slime is Green. So before we start, they are lying, just ask the Ghostbusters. Dominion Voting Systems “Lies like most people breath” or like CNN reports news.

Dominion has a plan to threaten silly lawsuits all the while claiming others are coming up with frivolous lawsuits against them. Here is a company that refuses to help clear it’s own name over and over. When asked to appear it refused. Not to mention erased all its employees from linkedin. Nothing suspicious at all.

Then in the Georgia Senate the CEO said that it’s machines are not designed to connected to Wi-Fi or the internet. Later in the day Jovan Hutton Pulitzer hacked right in before the senate and showed he could manipulate votes.

This won’t make the news of course as Dominion will threaten some lawsuits if it does. CNN is in no danger of lawsuits from dominion as it never tells the truth. I hope the suit happens. Dominion will need to actually prove something. It won’t because they will just threaten not actually show up. Isn’t it great to have an organization of such integrity involved in our elections? What could go wrong … oh wait we are seeing it.

No proof of “widespread” voter fraud. Only in counties using Dominion.

We at DogfacePonia are just giving facts. Oh no!!! Dominion is going to threaten to sue us what will we do?!

Image From: “TRUST THE LIES NOT THE ’TRUTH’” (CC BY 2.0) by Thomas Guest