Republicans Hire Outside Help for Georgia Election

As the run off election in Georgia approaches. The Republican party has hired the Ghostbusters to help with Election Fraud. Many wonder if the problem is a even a ghost problem or something far worse.

“After seeing how little the state of Georgia did to stop fraud on November 3rd, We needed to go another direction to stop this type of activity” said a spokesperson for the Georgia Republican Party.

There has reportedly been a significant increase in paranormal activity in Georgia as the election approaches. P.K.E. Meter readings have been off the charts. The zombies are coming out in droves to prepare to vote for democrats. It seems huge numbers of confederates ghosts have come back as well.

“If this is not stopped it could be very bad” said Dr. Egon Spengler.

“I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, bad?” we asked.

“Well” said Dr. Spengler “I am concerned that Zuul may have infiltrated the Democratic Party. It is possible that Raphael Warnock is the keymaster. If Warnock is elected, he could set off a chain of events that summons the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to destroy America.”

We do like s’mores but that might be more than we can handle.

We here in DogFacePonia have always, always feared that the election of either Democrat in Georgia would be a clear sign of a Zombie Apocalypse. The first sign of Zombie Apocalpse happened as a large amount of people voted for Biden for president. The severity of the outbreak can only be determined through the run off elections. Depending on results of the elections, actions beyond Ghostbusters may need to be taken.

The votes for Biden in the presidenial election prove that zombies have eaten the brains of much of the population. If one democrat wins a seat in the senate we will know that the problem is expanding. However, if 2 Democrats wins senate seats we may need to consider drastic measures to solve the growing zombie problem. We here in DogFacePonia are not sure how effective the Ghostbusters are against zombies. We hope by just taking care of ghosts and the keymaster it may keep the problem from expanding.

We have been lucky so far, that Vigo the Carpathian does not seem to be involved. He may be trying a new approach by using zombies. Some are saying he was involved in an incident at Nakatomi plaza surrounding wheather Die Hard is a Christmas movie. We know that any rational person, that stills has a brain, knows Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

We here at Dogfaceponia suggest you invest in Proton packs (dont cross the streams) and some ghost traps to take to the polling place on election day. We can only hope the ghostbusters stop this disaster.

Image From: “Ghostbusters ECTO-1” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by relux.