How Would You Describe the Biden (P)Residency so far?

Steaming Poop drawn on restroom wall

In this winter haze, we at DogFacePonia decided to look back on the Biden Presidency and reflect on our feelings. We almost threw up and so we thought why not share this special joy with our readers and fans? We took to social media and asked a deep profound question. “How Would You describe the Biden Presidency so far? Needless to say, that’s when things got better. We got some fun answers in particular on Twitter, Gettr, and MeWe.

We got a lot of dumpster fires, trainwrecks, clusterfunks, and pictures of a variety of animals pooping as you might expect. Also, we got a number of people describing it not as a Presidency but as a residency. It rounded out with Treason and fraud. Obviously, our followers have a deep love for Joe Biden. We were really encouraged by all the participation. Some of the responses were interesting and off the wall and we wanted to share a couple.

Interesting Responses. Below are some of our favorites.

  • Beyond a dumpster fire. This is an entire garbage train wreck and no survivors. – Tyler B. on Twitter
  • My grandma always told me ‘If you can’t say something nice’……. – Bob Shaver on Twitter
  • A lot like a cream of chicken soup sandwich. – Daniel Olson on Twitter
  • It’s going swimmingly for the globalists, Soros, Klaus, WEF, UN, Zelenskyy, border invaders, sex traffickers, cartels, and commies – Derek Crandell on Twitter
  • Like falling off a cliff with a baby in my arms. – Gina Kelly on Twitter
  • A bunch of monkeys trying to screw a football. Train wreck, dumpster fire, Dereliction of duty, screwed the pooch. – TexasOutlaw1776 on Twitter
  • Jimmy Carter loves it. – wrcarrol1 on Gettr
  • Dumpster fire, ablaze on the corner of Corruption RD and Sin Ave. – glennster6 on Gettr
  • Pretty much as expected for a corrupt racist pedo with dementia who is nothing but a puppet for DNC insiders. Ken Drego on MeWe
  • Like a monkey in a spaceship out of control – Gene Welch on Truth

We want to send out a big thanks to everyone who responded it really made us feel better. As for us, we think “a steaming pile of poop drawn on a restroom wall” is a pretty good description.

Image From “Steaming pile of poop” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by quinn.anya