Impeach the Weather Man (Woman…Person)

Scene from Frozen world Hoth in Empire Strikes back

Since we are now impeaching private citizens, It’s time to impeach the right people. Let’s put it mildly and say this weather is out of control. Following the Liberal example someone must pay. So now we must impeach the weatherman (or Woman or whatever). After all he is in office now. I didn’t vote for him or this weather. If he wants to avoid impeachment he must resign and take Nancy Pelosi at her word. If he works for CNN we may not have to impeach because the whole company is to be impeached.

So Texas and other states are covered in snow, the power is out. Chicago has like 3 feet on top of it. I am watching out for Snownato and ThunderSnow next. It looks like we are on the planet Hoth only the weather is worse and I don’t have a light saber to attack a wampa(or the weather) with. Miami and Phoenix and Las Vegas don’t have snow yet but if we don’t stop the weatherman who knows what will happen. Sure we could go blame a polar vortex or climate change but I think we all know who is at fault.

So here is the plan we get rid of the truth telling weatherman. He is the one who tells us of the impending Snowpocalypse so it is clearly his fault. Killing the messenger seems like a good plan to us. We must replace him(her, it) with a liar. We don’t want this next snow storm and the only way to stop it is get rid of the guy who tells us about it and helps us to be prepared.

This totally makes sense I don’t want to truth just tell me about unity of weather and sunshine for everyone. While we are at it we need to suppress as much Weather talk as possible. We need to get rid of the Groundhog and whomever does the farmers almanac (if that is still a thing). Clearly if we want unity we need only 1 source of the weather no matter where we live. it will always be right for sheep because we have been told so.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Image From: “Assault on Hoth” (CC BY 2.0) by Brickset