Mundane details of the Michigan Voting Glitch

Dogfaceponia has sent in some Pony soldiers to discover the truth about what happened with the Michigan voting machine “glitch”. We were able to obtain some secret recordings from workers at Initech voting systems.

Recording 1:

Peter: You were supposed to put the virus in the system, and it would just round votes down in a bucket to give Biden. Not flip a staunchly Red district to blue in the middle of a swing state.

Michael Bolton (related to John Bolton?):  I must have put a decimal point in the wrong place or something. I always do that. I always mess up some mundane detail.

Peter: Oh! Well, this is not a mundane detail, Michael! This was supposed to work.

Michael Bolton: Technically it did work, The media is saying Joe won the election.

Samir: It did not work.

Peter: I guess I am just going to have figure something out.

Recording 2:

Bob: Something curious happened and there was a “glitch” in the voting system. We were able to fix the “glitch”.

Dom: So voting systems have been fixed and we are going to notify the press.

Bob: Hold on a second we fixed the “glitch” Biden will no longer be receiving any more of the Trump votes. We figure it will all work it’s self out naturally. We try to avoid conflict whenever possible

Recording 3:

Milton: He took my stapler, now I have to burn the building down.

Workers from Initech were also seen destroying what appeared to be Voting machine or printer in a field while listening to Rap music.

After this it seems Initech had a fire at their headquarters, in what appears to be an attempt to destroy all their TPS reports, which could have been used as evidence.

We will keep you up to date on any evidence we uncover. We hope something comes up on Monday. That way Biden can get a case of the “Mondays”

Image From: “Initech Sarah” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by RyAwesome