Obama has a CRT Scan

Obama with hands clasped in front of his face

CRT is everywhere these days. They are trying to push it in universities, toilets and public schools. Let’s ask a silly question. What is CRT? At first, DogFacePonia thought it was a new kind of brain scan to be used on Liberals to see if they have a brain injury. However, that would involve science which Critical Race Theory certainly does not involve. This despite the use of Scientific terms like Critical and Theory.

DogFacePonia looked deep into what CRT is and the results were confusing. The main thing we uncovered was people can and should learn more. That way you can see the Pony Manure and know what it is. Let’s break it down like a business in Portland.


The word critical is used in different ways. It could suggest something is important. It could be critical thinking which is valuable in our times to differentiate science from mysticism. In this case, it is being critical. In fact, it is all about being critical of others especially white people. It certainly is not critical thinking. I mean it says you should emphasize story-telling over facts and “Naming your own reality.” CNN has certainly used this strategy in all it’s reporting for years which explains a lot. In DogFacePonia reality, the truth is important. If you want to believe you are a Unicorn or watch CNN, go ahead, but don’t expect people to take it seriously. For the sake of all that is not stupid do not teach it in public schools.


Basically, it is re-imaging racism as a way to blame white people for all problems in the world. In my day, racism was when you mistreated someone because of the color of their skin. In CRT racism involves Power. So if you don’t have Power you can’t be racist. In this way, BLM uses it to suggest that black people can never be racist because they don’t have Power. There is a hitch, Barrack Obama was president so he had Power so he was racist. With careful examination, Obama’s mother was white so therefore it was only Barrack’s white half that was racist. The important part of this Panther Poop is that it is inescapable if you are white.

If you have a false premise to begin with you can prove whatever you want.

Racism comes from Power. Some white people are in Power and passed laws that gave advantages to white people creating white privilege. This privilege is an unfair advantage and gives them Power, therefore all white people are racist.

There is nothing you can do(if you are white), apologies will be demanded but not accepted. Black people in and with Power, should be respected as Super-Heroes, who can do no harm what-so-ever. Small exception to this rule has been overcovered, a Black Republican with Power, can not be trusted. They are clearly not really black inside, I guess they are really just Uncle-Toms in Black-Face. It’s so complex and nuanced it makes Rocket Science seem simple.

(If you are White) Maybe you can publicly flog yourself and give all your money away, but you will still be white and therefore privileged. You sure as heck can’t put on blackface (Unless you are an Uncle-Tom) or get a pigment transplant because that is super racist. Sorry Robert Donney Jr. DogFacePonia will not argue that Power has led to some bad things but that is not inherently bad, we need leaders. I will say some Democrats in Power in the history of the US passed some Jim Crow Laws in the South, DogFacePonia is fairly certain these Democrats were not Uncle-Toms. These days Democrats want to fix this by passing reparations, affirmative action, race based stimulus and on and on. It is literally making black people racist according to their own so called theory. They will get privileges from these laws. One interesting point no matter if you define Racism in the new CRT way or the old way. Joe Biden qualifies. Kamala does too as her relatives owned slaves.


It is a Theory? In this case, the answer is yes, I suppose. But only because almost anything can be a theory. A lot of attention has been given by the lamestream media to debunking Conspiracy Theories. Strangely, many of these turned out to be true. The quality of the theories is therefore important as is the quality of evidence. On The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin established his long disputed Theory of Evolution. Even today it is controversial. Darwin had a lot of evidence to support his theory and did a lot of work to make it scientific. It is solid work even if debatable. We are not trying to start a creationist debate so DogFacePonia will leave this alone, other than to point out the contrast. CRT doesn’t look like the work of science, it is pseudo-sociology at best. It is a bad Philosophy, a way of viewing the world, probably best as an “ism” like Marxism, Racism, Communism, Terrorism, Liberalism. Someone wanted it to sound like Science so added the word Theory at the end.(Critical Racism didn’t sound right to the authors). It literally talks of making your own story. In other words, just make stuff up and tell people how you feel. This is not Science. No wonder our kids are so confused. They can’t even figure out which toilet to use. Maybe we should just give a Trophy to each and every kid who goes to the bathroom, and a participation trophy for going in their pants(or not).

We here in DogFacePonia believe schools should teach Science, Math, Reading and Writing. This way our students and country could go back to being the best in the world. DogFacePonia is not privileged to have the power of opinion. DogFacePonia only has the privilege of words and we get on a soap box when we feel like it. We just hope someone is listening.

DogFacePonia wishes we could just go back to teaching the golden rule “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.” However, it seems these days we cannot tell the dogs from the ponies, the male from the females or even black from white. We long for the days when at least we could understand and be proud of ourselves regardless of these qualities. We long for the days when we could be free and not invent artificial barriers to Freedom.

Image From: “Breakfast with Barack” (CC BY 2.0) by jurvetson