Arrr… Pirate Language to be Official Next Year!

Moresheth When Pirates Attack

U.S Congress in a bi-partisan effort, to propose an official third language behind English and Spanish.

There were many language options in the initial proposal. German, Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and even Icelandic, Chinese and something called Rainbow-Unicornian.

Whether for historical reasons like German or modern reasonings like the large Lithuanian and Polish Communities in recent decades. Of course Chinese, because China practically owns the U.S. Infrastructure and Manufacturing and many of our Representatives. Some theories propose we’ll be speaking it soon. But Ukrainian was a close Second, as many in Congress are getting kickbacks for supporting a war against Russia.

Rainbow-Unicornian, we only heard low rumblings of this until it was in the initial proposal. Origin is unknown, but some associate it with the LGBTQ+ community, but Brony and Pony fans claim otherwise.

However, West-End England Pirate lingo, made famous by Hollywood, most recently in films like the Pirates of the Caribbean films, took the cake.

The vote was soo close, they had to split hairs on a plank.

The new Pirate Language will go into effect next year on September 19th, classically known as ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’.

So start brushing up on your “Aaar’s” and “Ye Matey’s”, cause we all want to be prepared for that next business proposal meeting.

When Pirates Attack” (CC BY 2.0) by Moresheth