Releasing Criminals gets Results for Fires and Riots

Democratic District Attorneys see excellent results from the criminals they have been releasing. “It is our goal to release as many criminals back on the streets as we can so we can keep the riots going until the elections” said Kim Foxx DA in Chicago

“They have really done an amazing job in Portland. They have kept the riots going for 3 months. It is impressive.” said Mike Schmidt DA in Portland.

It is kinda like a revolving door. The police keep arresting them and the District Attorneys just let them go on bond or in some cases just drop the charges. “If we are going to keep the riots and fires going we are going like the Energizer Bunny to need to keep this up until at least the election” explained Schmidt

The arsonists have really out done themselves. In the worst wildfire season we have every seen they just keep getting the fires lit night after night. “Let it all burn” said one protester. One Arsonist lit a fire and got released and was able to set 6 more fires. “This is really the plan for the release programs keep the violence and property damage going” said Gavin Newsom, Governor of California.

We here at DogFacePonia think it is an Inconvenient Truth that if people keep lighting fires like this; the Global Warming might get out of control. Maybe someone should try something new like keeping rioters and arsonists in prison. Kamala Harris has confirmed that her plan is to put as many people in prison as possible and release all the people who don’t support Trump.

Image From: “revolving doors” (CC BY 2.0) by Susan NYC