Antifa looks to Ruin Small Business Saturday

Democrats are confused. They do not understand why Trump won’t concede.

Nancy Pelosi said “For years the Republicans have been conceding elections like in 2018. We don’t understand what’s changed?”

Hilary Clinton said “I told Biden not to concede under any circumstances. But I assumed Trump would concede”.

Many in the Antifa wing of the Democratic party are mad and plan to protest by blocking roads (in Conservative areas) and rioting if Trump does not concede. They are planning it for the perfect day Small Business Saturday! Amazon and Walmart are ready.

“After a year of lockdowns and riots destroying small business, we thought this was the right time.” Said an Antifa representative Adam Rahuba.

“We needed to make a plan to get some Christmas presents so we thought why not get our peaceful protests in before the weather gets cold” said an anonymous Antifa Protester.

The Democratic “Antifa” party appears to hate small business just like it hates small government.

We are pretty sure the protests will stop by Cyber Monday so Democrats can support their Big Tech wing. After that on Giving Tuesday, they plan to make a bunch of donations to Dominion Software so they can try to steal the Georgia Senate election.

Everything about Dogfaceponia is small. Small fan base, Small break room, small revenue, it stands to reason we support small businesses and a President with small hands.

Image From: “Patriot Prayer vs Antifa protests. Phot” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Old White Truck