The 1 Day Pence Presidency (or 4 Presidents in 4 days)

We here at DogfacePonia are always looking for solutions to complex problems. We want to promote unity and we have found a way. Should the Democrats try to force the 25th Amendment or Impeach Trump he can get back at them.

Some not so nice stuff has been said about Pence in recent days by some on the Right and for 4 years the Left has been very mean to him for his association to Trump. So the right and the left have unity in not liking Pence right now. So we believe he would make him the most perfectly qualified person to be the next president. Trump can do his orderly transition to the Pence administration.

Here is the plan Trump could pardon all his buddies along with Pence and resign. Maybe declassify some alien stuff too!! In exchange for a Trump Pardon, Pence would get a chance to Pardon his buddies (including his Brother who had planned to object to the election results). The Democrats will ok this deal because it will keep the nukes out of Trumps hands for at least 1 day.

As an added bonus Pence can have an Inaugural ball. America needs a Ball right now. We want to see the President dancing with his wife. We all know Biden can’t risk this as he might break his foot again and he doesn’t like to leave the basement. Trump can agree to hold the ball at his hotel and have the government pay him some compensation for all the stuff in recent days.  Pence will get an increased Pension for being President (at tax payer expense of course) and can write a book about it.(which no one will publish unless he gets a cancel culture waiver.) Everyone Wins.

Then after one day Pence can resign so Nancy Pelosi can be President. Republicans can get their dream of Nancy resigning as Speaker and member of the House. Plus then maybe we can try to impeach Nancy! It’s amazing.

In the End Nancy and Big Mike both get to have their dream of being president for at least 1 day. This is really a Win, Win, Win, Win if you ask us. We can get enough Different Cabinet member nominations to make a Football Team!

If we do it right we can have 4 presidents in 4 Days!!! They can each take turns passing the nuclear codes around like a football! Trump designated  Bill Belichick as his passer but he has declined.

Image From: “Mike Pence” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore