Capital Raid gets Nominated for 10 Tony Awards

Q Shaman in US Capital Building

Capital Raid could be the best “Staged” Event of the year and it is only January.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play – Jake Angeli: AKA QAnon Shaman Jake a little known actor before this had a brilliant performance. He posed for the Cameras and worked well with the whole crew.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play – Mike Pence: Big Mike really stepped it up. He revealed his hand to Trump as though he wanted to make things worse. This really increased the tension for the audience

Best Performace By an Actress in a Featured Role in a Play – Nancy Pelosi: Nancy did her job in suggesting using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. After failing to impeach earlier, she has really been upping her game.

Best Scenic Design of a Play – Capital Police: The Capital Police really set the stage. They opened up the door to the play and really got things amped up.

Best Costume Design of a Play – Antifa: Antifa did a great job with ridiculous costumes and dressed themselves up as Trump supporters.

Best Direction of A Play – DNC : After the epic failure of the Democratic Convention, The DNC was panned by many critics. This was a comeback of sorts, The DNC did a nice job getting all the different actor and actresses in the play to the right places at the right time. They did a nice job orchestrating the whole thing.

Best Choreography – George Soros: George has been planning this for decades and finally we are seeing the fruits of his labor. Now he has managed to take over much of the Left in his plans for the New World Order. This Play really showed his true colors.

Best Newcomer – Jake Angeli “QAnon Shaman”: Although he was dressed like an idiot and nobody believed he was serious. Many on the Right said nobody on the Right believes anyone would dress like that for a Raid. The Left believe this is how Trump supporters dress and act so they believe it is all real. After all Antifa dresses like this without the American colors of course.

Best Play – Capital Raid: Truly a masterpiece of the Theater. It has convinced most of the left and the media it was really perpetuated by patriots.

Best Special Theatrical Event – Capital Raid: This one time event really went over the top and showed how the audience could be dazzled into believing anything CNN told them.

For a list of additional Actors and Actresses – Check here

Some also think this deserves an Emmy like Cuomo.

We have also heard that second place goes to Impeach The President the Sequel: Nancy Strikes Back.