CNN Fires Two Hosts

CNN Lies Bumper Sticker

CNN is parting ways with Mr. Truth and Mr. Facts. We have known for a while that Truth and Facts were not fitting in well at CNN, but the announcement was still unexpected. As both Truth and Facts are still very popular with fans.

CNN said, “Mr. Truth has on multiple occasions spoken in a positive light toward President Trump and this is against company policy and cannot be tolerated.” They continued by saying, “we have plenty of people ready to fill the void left by Mr. Truth and we wish him the best.”

CNN then spoke of Mr. Facts and said, “Facts just no longer fits in with the other hosts that work at CNN, Facts has been contradicting our popular show hosts too often and it was disrupting our systemic issues.”

It is expected that Al Lies will take over as the replacement for both Truth and Facts. We in DogFacePonia expect that Truth and Facts will find jobs with other networks that have differing values from CNN.

It appears CNN is continuing to evolve to catch up to Fox news in the ratings, Mr. Truth and Mr. Facts mark the third and fourth hosts that have been let go by the company in recent weeks. Just last week they terminated contracts with Mr. Integrity and Mr. Honesty. Only time will tell if the removals of Integrity, Honesty, Truth and Facts will pay off.

We wish all involved people the best and look forward to them joining other news networks so we can enjoy their involvement in the news once again. My sources have said that MSNBC could use some of these people, but it in unknown whether they are looking to add to their current team.

CNN Lies” (CC BY 2.0) by Aoife city womanchile