Blacklisted Ex-Hosts Bring CNN Down

The CNN Black List Sign

It appears the four hosts on CNN that were let go earlier this year have found their REVENGE. It is still unknown which of the four hosts, (Truth, Facts, Integrity, or Honesty) had powerful enough allies in the network to give Project Veritas the access. It has brought CNN to it’s knees faster than an interview between Kamala Harris and Jeffery Toobin.

We here in DogFacePonia believe the cover up has already begun. Calls to “Defund Free Speech” are expected, followed by the “Re-imagine reporting” campaign. We have deep cover Pony Soldiers that say Zucker already has a plan to destroy freedom of ANY press not approved by CNN. The massively more powerful ZuckerBerg is expected to rally behind this cause, but frame it more as news that Facebook non-bias fact checkers approve of.

We are worried here in DogFacePonia as recently we have not heard from deep cover Pony Soldiers at CNN since this morning. Massive dumps of what appeared to be body bags were observed outside of CNN headquarters. However, massive dumps are common during election time and should not be investigated at all according to the wildly accepted thoughts of MSNBC! We here in DogFacePonia remain worried for these Deep Cover Pony Soldiers and their families. The soldiers believe in Democracy, and risked everything for our Freedoms and our Constitution.

The risks these brave Pony Soldiers have taken, may not be at the same level as Bothan spies, but may be as important. CNN is like a Death Star destroying Freedom of the Press in a way not seen since the Alien and Sedition Acts. Whichever honorable person helped with this information being leaked we salute you.

It is our belief that either Truth, Facts, Integrity, or Honesty, brought on the leak; however, we have no confirmation or proof, but we do know that they ended up on a blacklist for employment. Many of us were surprised that even Fox News was unwilling to add Truth, Facts, Integrity, or Honesty to it’s lineup. These blacklists may run deeper than we thought before.


  • Facebook non-bias fact checkers = Democrats pretending to work for a living aka Sith sympathizers.
  • Zucker = Totally Non-Bias Leader of CNN aka Sith wanna-bee
  • Zuckerberg = Much more powerful (more letters in his name) Non-Bias World Sith Leader helping to cloak your loss of freedom.