Antifa – I’m just an “Idea” That Grew Arms and Legs

Joe Biden has informed us that Antifa is an Idea. Like the Bill in the Schoolhouse Rock Video. Apparently, somehow this magical Idea grew arms and legs. This Idea then got some money from George Soros and bought some Riot Gear at Kohls.

This Idea must be like Trogdor. First, you draw an Idea Dragon and add some beefy arms then move on to Burninate cities across the country. “The Idea was a man … Who caused $1 Billion in damage but he was still just an Idea”.

Ideas don’t usually do this but this is such a strong special idea that it is Self-Aware like Skynet or Black Lives Matter. Then it took to the streets and started attacking police and businesses. It was joined by its Idea friends Communism, Marxism, Black Lives Matter, Liberalism, and Anarchy. These Ideas are just ideas and couldn’t possibly hurt anyone right? Ideas like Racism, Sexism, and Materialism are just ideas and also couldn’t hurt anyone either.

We here at Dogfaceponia think Ideas might be scary after all. I am pretty sure the Romanovs said Marxism was just an Idea but it didn’t end so well for them. So let us know Joe are Ideas Dangerous? Or just Groups? Come On is not the right answer. Trump labeled Antifa and KKK as Terrorist Organizations. Maybe an Idea can’t grow into a Person but it seems it can grow into a group.

I really hope none of Joe’s Ideas cause us all to get Burninated like Portland.

Image From: “fire” (CC BY 2.0) by Duzter1