Trogdor Burninates DogFacePonia

Trogdar the Burninator

Trogdor the Burninator has arrived in DogFacePonia. Reports are in that Trogdor who normally burninates Strongbadia has been Burninating the dogs, Burninating the faces, Burninating all the ponies and the thatch roof ranch houses.

This is a disturbing development. Dag Face Pony Soldiers have been dispatched to contain the situation. There are rumors Joe Biden is somehow involved as he has expressed a distaste for Lying Dog Face Pony Soldiers.

We reached out to Strong Bad the original creator of Trogdor for an interview. When we asked exactly what or who Trogdor is Strong Bad said “Trogdor was a dragon man, or maybe just a dragon. He Burninates Dogs, Ponies, Orcs and more. He has a beefy arm as well.” StrongBad then pointed us to this video for more information on Trogdor’s awesome power – Strong Bad closed out our interview by saying “Trogdor comes in the night. Visit for more information.

In related news there are rumors that Donald Trump is summoning all available dragons to the southern border of the United States. The ponies of DogFacePonia can only hope Trogdor will join them.

Image From : “Trogdor” (CC BY 2.0) by brownpau