Trump Melts ICE with Dragons

Dragon with a Flower

Trump has decided to abolish ICE in favor of a new Immigration Force. Democrats in Washington were initially exuberant.


Trump introduced his new plan for immigration control. Trump spoke at length about the new force that will replace ICE. Trump said “Dragon Force will now patrol our boarders and be in charge of the Illegal Immigrant Problem.”

It took a long time for Trump and the Dragon master to agree to terms but once Trump said they can eat illegals without a trial they were on board. Trump explained to news media that this program will not cost the taxpayers any money. Fox news has been calling Trump a genius. While the establishment of this new force is expected to be headed for the Supreme Court. Trump has assured his followers that since Dragons are not people they cannot be held to the laws of “We the People.”

The Dragon Master spoke to the media and said I am confident my Dragons are hungry enough to take on the heavy burden of boarder control and removal of illegals”. A Media Pundant then asked what the deportation plans were. The Dragon Master responded, “ Deportation is not really the plan, as it is frowned upon by many, we just plan to remove them.”

Anti-Dragon League commented, “We have always told you Dragons are deplorable and increase the world’s climate issues with their fiery breath. All dragons should be removed from world immediately.”

Rumors are swirling that the one and only Trogdor the Burninator may be the first Dragon to start working on border control.