The Fani Challenge

Fani Willis Stressed

Fani Willis felt confident after her testimony in court, which turned out to be justified. She believed that the judge would never remove her from the Trump case and he didn’t. Voters may now have other choices though. Two candidates are opposing Fani in the upcoming election in the Fall. Rumors that Nathan Wade is one of them have proven unfounded. The judge also has an opponent.

Further problems are surfacing. Fani Willis is upset about the Supreme Court ruling allowing Donald Trump to remain on the ballot as long as he is running for a federal Office.  However, the ruling allows the removal of candidates for state office. A movement is underway to remove Fani from the ballot for Fulton County District Attorney in the fall—a well-deserved outcome.

Donald Trump is quoted as saying that voters should be able to decide the issue especially since the judge has already beat them to it. He believes she will be emasculated no matter what.  In today’s world, we are not sure what that word means. The judge might be able to emasculate Nathan Wade but Fani seems to have already accomplished that.

A nationwide search is underway for a potential replacement for Nathan Wade since one will be needed.

  • Hunter Biden is our top candidate but is unfortunately white. That is a DEI fail.
  • Benjamin Crumphas the needed killer instinct and race but doesn’t make it on the romance scale as far as we can tell.
  • Elliot Spitzerand Mark Sanford are available and meet many criteria.
  • Senator Bob Menendez has announced that he will not run for reelection. He would be a golden choice if he is not barred by a conviction. He eats Tacos in public which is a big plus.

Check back with DogFacePonia to view the results of the search and all the latest Fani news. 

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