The Fire Alarm Insurrection

Standard Fire Alarm with Pull Down

In an event so serious that it can only be seen as an attack on our Democracy. Democratic Representative Jamaal Bowman illegally pulled the Fire Alarm. This appears to have been an attempt by Bowman to interrupt a governmental proceeding and prevent an important vote. He was literally trying to shut down the government. Word is The Capital Police let the perpetrator in as he followed the dress code.

Many in Congress were afraid for their lives as they thought they were under attack. After all, when a fire alarm is going off the building could be on fire. AOC has said Ted Cruz almost murdered her.

Some have said this is worse than Pearl Harbor or 911. Some are suggesting that Bowman should face 20 years in prison for this insurrection. Marjorie Taylor Greene has asked the DOJ to launch an investigation immediately. Others are suggesting that Bowman be locked in solitary confinement with other insurrectionists.

This Day will truly be living in infamy. To think we were that close to the government not being funded. How could we go on without a funding bill for the government that does nothing about the border, causes inflation, and persecutes its political opponents?

Bowman, who was a Middle School Principal before joining Congress, claimed he did not understand the alarm system. A spokeswoman for Congressman Bowman has said he didn’t realize that pulling the fire alarm would cause the firm alarm to go off.

We here at DogFacePonia are looking forward to congressional hearings to find out what happened. Later the Democrats will say there is No Evidence. This is despite a video and an admission from Jamaal Bowman that he pulled it.

Image From: “fire alarm” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by ginger.dewey